Whether you've just launched or are reinvigorating an established brand, we're here to help at all stages.

A strong sense of brand identity is needed before deciding on what a campaign message can be.

A clear definition of your customer segments is needed to optimize how you advertise.

IA works with in-house marketing professionals and a network of freelancers to ensure the right fit of people to project, so the right messaging and ad creative is effectively tailored to your customers.

Our branding services include:

Brand Foundation:
What is your brand history or legacy? What is your current brand conviction, brand promise, personality and end benefit to the consumer? What are your brand guidelines? We're here to help develop your brand story, logo and other visuals.

Customer Research:
What are your customer segments and targets? What are common threads in each segment? When are they most receptive to advertising? What is their current relationship to your brand?

Communications Strategy
What are the cultural truths of your customer segment and how can we make your messaging relevant? What is your business objective and what marketing strategies/tactics will support this?

Results and Campaign Optimization
How quickly can we provide results to ensure timely insights and action steps to capitalize on success or trending/seasonal opportunities? How often do you update your consumer insights?