Our Publishing Approach

You have a great book idea, blog idea, magazine idea, or maybe you’ve just completed your first complete manuscript. Congratulations! This undoubtedly pain-staking labor of love is your baby. But there’s possibly another year of hard work ahead of you to get your manuscript into customers’ hands whether that be in print or online format. Innovation Activators is here to help you answer important questions on your next steps.

These days, FOMO applies not only to the average person scrolling through social media, but to many businesses who are eager to do everything and be everywhere. But a well thought out, targeted business plan for your book/content is crucial to its success.

Should my content be published in print, digital or audio to satisfy a wider audience? Should I publish as soon as possible to get my content out there? Should I print a low quantity because it’s my first print run? Should I print in China because it’s cheaper? Is there a strong enough demand for my content?

With 8 years of experience in the book publishing industry, Innovation Activators is here to help you balance important business considerations including how to navigate editing, copy-editing, proofreading, legal-vetting, fact-checking, producing/printing, promotion and retail distribution in order to bring your book or online content to market successfully. Let’s work together to ensure the highest quality for your book.

Publishing Services

Editing – substantive editing, line editing, copy editing, proofreading

Materials/platform specifications and design layout or illustration

Manufacturing, importing and storage

Branding & marketing

Distribution – retail (online and bricks & mortar) or e-commerce

Become an IA Published Author!

If you’re looking to become a published author and not go the self-published route where you absorb most of the risk, then we’d love to hear about your book idea! What’s you next step? Send is an outline of what your book is about with your contact information and we’ll go from there!