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The Caribbean Baby brand is an in-house collaboration between the author and illustrator, Tanya Mongroo and Innovation Activators Limited and was kicked off in 2016.

The brand was launched with content from Trinidad and Tobago and will continue to expand up the islands. The road towards the brand's launch date of December 1, 2018 was certainly hectic but rewarding as we supported the author through all the additional checks and balances needed when it comes to publishing children's educational books in the Caribbean.

Caribbean Baby is a provider of fun, familiar books and toys for kids living in the Caribbean or of Caribbean heritage. From babies and toddlers to early readers, Caribbean Baby wants to encourage pride in Caribbean culture with all local content.

From ABCs to flash cards to books for young readers, we want to encourage pride in local content from infancy. The benefits of this can have a long-lasting impact on children’s development, and their appreciation of their Caribbean heritage.