Website Approach

Innovation Activators can provide you with the right platform, software or framework to get your website or app idea off the ground. But we’ll also guide you along the journey to make sure your business needs will be met, your results reporting is solid, and your consumer’s experience is seamless.

On average, a consumer spends more time in the online world researching potential purchases vs. browsing in the physical world. Today’s business lacks validity without a solid online presence where customers can verify your company’s story.

The days of throwing up a Facebook page to provide quick contact information are long gone. Your online brand image is equally if not more important than a physical footprint.

IA approaches building or promoting your online presence by first understanding your brand’s personality, voice and core mission. Jumping on trends in web design or social media profile strategy are quickly seen as cookie-cutter applications that don’t truly put the user’s experience at the core of your design or message.

We’ve worked with brands big and small to deliver engaging and authentic user experiences. Our main website services can be broken into three areas:

Web platform development includes but is not limited to: landing pages, sweepstakes entry pages, e-commerce platforms for any product catalog size, gaming, non-profit with donation functions, food delivery portals, blogs and portfolios.

Results Reporting Dashboards includes developing Google Analytics dashboards with the option to provide monthly reporting to the client or to provide training to the client on how to interpret results from their website platform’s integrated analytics tools.

Advertising tools includes linking Facebook, YouTube and/or Google advertising tools to your website to drive traffic to your page.